Our lawyers are highly skilled at helping clients across the Oil and Gas sector to take advantage of opportunities, overcome challenges and protect their interests. Our experience cuts across different service areas in the oil and gas sector such as, project financing, divestments, farm-ins, farm-outs, mergers & acquisitions. The oil and gas sector is constantly changing. From technical innovations such as horizontal drilling and fracking to basic fluctuations in commodity prices and differentials, the issues are complex and the consequences to your business are significant. The international nature of the sector requires experienced proficient advice in addition to guidance on regional and local challenges.

We recognise that businesses in the oil and gas sector face numerous challenges, including growth strategies, financing options, streamlining processes, adapting to government regulations, managing reputational risk, implementing new technologies, gaining access to emerging markets, managing employee issues and reducing costs.

Oil and natural gas prices, the deregulation of power markets, pipeline politics, pollution controls, financing needs and investor confidence all frequently fluctuate and impact the contemporary business environment.

The advent of the power sector reform in Nigeria, has led to a transformational change in the entire industry, creating great opportunities and a range of economic, political, commercial, infrastructural and technological developments. OOLLP has assisted various clients over the years in navigating the myriad regulations and legal technical matters and issues that arise in this sector.

On-going and recently completed Transactions

  • Oando – Vitol/Helios downstream joint venture valued at $461 million;

  • Acquisition of ConocoPhillips Nigerian assets by Oando Energy Resources Inc. valued at $1.79 billion;

  • Reserve Based Lending for upstream oil & gas acquisition valued at over $450 million;

  • Corporate Facility for acquisition of oil and gas assets valued at over $350 million;

  • Acquisition and Business Combination of 2 major oil companies valued at US$500 million;

  • Acquisition of a major oil and gas company and its related assets worth US$2 billion;

  • NGN60 billion (US$400 million) Syndicated Medium Term Financing for an Oil and Gas company;

  • Build, Operate and Own Agreement for construction of 50MW IPP (Independent Power Project) for Lagos State Water Corporation;

  • Financing package for acquisition of oil fields valued at US$525 million;

  • Financing package for acquisition of oil fields valued at over US$2 billion;

  • Structured Finance for drilling rigs valued at US$200 million;

  • Purchaser’s Adviser for the acquisition of developed and undeveloped property for gas stations in various locations in Lagos and across Nigeria valued in excess of $200 million;