Consumer Goods and Retail

Companies in the consumer goods industry continue to look for ways to drive revenue growth, regional expansion, supply chain efficiencies and new product development while minimising the costs of increased regulation. Competition from existing and new market entrants, increasing consumer sophistication and the relaxation of trade barriers are compelling companies in the sector to develop innovative business strategies.

We have advised consumer goods companies in Sub-Saharan Africa - we have helped them manage their business and technology risks, develop legal and commercial strategies in response to the challenges that confront their businesses and take advantage of market opportunities.

On-going and recently completed Transactions

  • Nigerian legal adviser on a $50 million corporate acquisition and restructuring of a major FMG group in Nigeria;

  • Legal advisers to the owners of the Palms Shopping Mall and the Ikeja City Mall which rank as the two biggest shopping malls in Lagos valued at over $2 billion;