Tunde Oyewole


   +234 1 279 3670; +234 1 279 3677 (d)

Tunde joined the firm in 1984 and is a partner in the firm’s Energy, Technology and Finance sector. Tunde's clients cover a broad range of sub-sectors including equities, distressed debt, global macro, infrastructure finance, emerging markets and multinational energy companies. Tunde’s clients are primarily based in Sub-Saharan Africa, London, Europe and Southeast Asia and he has developed close ties with local counsel who are able to provide local regulatory advice and market colour. With many decades of experience in international finance practice and incredible depth of experience in technology, Tunde is an asset to these clients. Tunde also advises on a wide range of commercial disputes, with a particular focus on the energy and IT sectors. He has extensive experience of litigation in the Nigerian Apex court as well as international arbitration and mediation. 

The firm’s most important clients consider Tunde to be their consigliore (most trusted adviser) and rely on his considerable experience.